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Security Cameras Guide offers security solutions in video surveillance, residential and business alarms, access control, loss prevention, and a wide variety of security solutions.  We provide the solutions you need to protect your employees, clients, and assets.  Our clients include casinos, government agencies, banks, schools, universities, movie theaters, malls, shopping centers, fitness and training centers, supermarkets, retail chains, factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and many more.

Extensive Expertise

Tailored Solutions

Industries We Serve

With an extensive expertise in security system integration, we have developed a clear understanding of the needs of our clients, and have been able to deliver more targeted and comprehensive security solutions that meet our client's needs and budgets.  We are constantly raising the standards by combining talented professionals with the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

Our expertise in a wide array of security applications allows us to develop tailored solutions to meet individual needs.  We specialize in IP and analog video, alarm systems, access control, alarm and video monitoring, perimeter security, cloud solutions, wireless and fiber optics secure transmission, and a wide range of peripheral application such as POS, analytics, face recognition, and license plate technology.

We serve a variety of industries and clients.  We specialize in the following markets: Gaming, Government, Education, Retail, Military, Airports and Sea Ports, Movie Theaters, Industrial Complexes, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Banking and Finance, Chemical Plants, Museums and Galleries, Telecommunications, Construction, Facilities Management, Pharmaceutical, and Transportation.


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